Athlete Centered Skating fosters the individual strengths of each athlete.


We uniquely combine expert knowledge of figure skating technique with effective learning methods to ensure athletes remain engaged, in control, and improve in a positive and supportive training environment. Athlete Centered Skating emphasizes: learning, structure, and communication.

Our Approach


Structure involves

Goal-setting strategies that promote an individualized, future-oriented, and unified vision.

Communication is

An approachable, consistent transaction between coaches, athletes, and parents.

Skaters Will Learn

  • What ‘quality’ figure skating is
  • How to assess your own performance in comparison
  • How to leverage our learning community to make improvements

How you will learn


Systematic On-Ice Training

Edges, turns, and foundational exercises

Expert technique for jumps and spins

Comprehensive Off-Ice Training

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Ballet/ dance
  • Spinner Harness
  • Technique training
  • Acting
  • Psychology/ visualization


Garrett Lucash

Garrett Lucash

United States Champion

Garrett has been coaching figure skating for more than 20 years and is a United States champion, Four Continents bronze medalist, and three-time world team member.

He trained under the tutelage of the most successful coaches in figure skating history and alongside dozens of elite athletes from all over the world including Olympic and World champions.

Garrett has attended and presented at numerous coaches and judges seminars; attended numerous sport science training camps; and is a guest lecturer at Boston College.

His passions are music, writing, research and continued growth as a coach. He edited music for world and Olympic champions and countless international competitors.

Sean Marshinski

Sean Marshinski

He trained and coached alongside Olympic coach Oleg Epstein as an assistant to Oleg’s Future Champions program.

Sean also trained under renown jump technician Alex Ouriashev.  Through these experiences and his work with Athlete Centered Skating, Sean developed a unique understanding of the interplay between skating skills and jump technique.

He holds a BA in Psychology from DePaul University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Sean enjoys reading and learning, family time, and physical challenge.

Partnerships / Affiliations

OPTIMAL theory

OPTIMAL theory explains well-established effects of motivational and attentional factors on performance and learning and is a vital part of Athlete Centered Skating.  Learn more about the important practical implications of OPTIMAL theory for teaching, coaching, and physical rehabilitation.

Home Ice Boston


Footblogball investigates how practitioners navigate the complexity of development in young athletes with an emphasis on team sports.

Jonathan Huer

Jonathan is a creative technologist who enjoys solving complex problems at the intersection of technology, education, business, and government by designing effective solutions.  He is also a passionate educator who believes in sharing this knowledge so graduates are digitally literate, entrepreneurially savvy, and prepared to tackle the challenges of the current employment landscape.