Athlete Centered Skating

Hello followers,

We are here at the end of what has been an extremely challenging 2020 – a pandemic which brought closures, cancelled events, wearing masks to train, and a whole list of other obstacles… we even had snow and freezing weather on Halloween!  However, through all these challenges we certainly learned a lot about ourselves and what we can accomplish if we harness one of the key abilities we value at Athlete Centered Skating: adaptability.  Our ice was taken away, we ramped up the off-ice training and created social encounters through virtual meetings.  We increased the visualization training, performed programs off the ice for group analysis, worked on our goal and reflection sheets twice per week.  We had to wear masks upon return to the ice – so we prepared by training at home with them on.  We prepared for events that never took place  – so we created our own.  And through it all something really amazing happened… our athletes improved like never before!  To be honest, this is something very special.  I think about it every night and I am very thankful to be part of this special group of individuals: athletes, coaches, and parents!

If you have not seen it yet, this video (below) is a reflection of some of the special moments caught on camera for 2020 including tons of first time landing a new jump, first day with new athletes (or athletes making a return!), off-ice during the lockdown, first steps on the ice after 3 months, coaches awards, articles written by us about our program and so on.  I hope you all enjoy reflecting as much as I am.  Share us your thoughts!