Athlete Centered Skating

Hello all,

A quick update here on some exciting news.

First, coach Garrett has been nominated for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s Coach of the Year Award!  This means he is up against coaches in other sports and is the only figure skating coach to be nominated.

Click the link to read the nomination letter: USOPC Sport Sci Nomination

Click the link below to read a letter of recommendation written by Keith Davids, a professor and motor skill acquisition researcher I work closely with.

Garrett Lucash USOPC Doc Counsilman Coach of the Year nomination support

Second, coach Garrett officially signed a contract with Routledge this week!  He is finally a commissioned author and his book manuscript will be due in January 2021.  The book applies a contemporary approach to motor skill acquisition (called “the constraints-led approach”) to figure skating practice and will present the core philosophies of Athlete Centered Skating!

Finally, our off-ice subscription service has rolled out.  We have over 100 off-ice videos in the library already with many more planned to be posted.  We will post weekly worksheets for recreational and competitive skaters – including those in our own program.  Some of you have already subscribed.  If you have not, you can check it out in the link here: