Athlete Centered Skating

Athlete Centered Skating is an approach to training figure skaters that uniquely combines our expert knowledge of figure skating specific technique with effective learning methods to ensure that figure skaters remain engaged, in control, and improve in a positive and supportive training environment.  Athlete Centered Skating emphasizes: learning, structure, and communication. Athlete Centered Skating also represents a learning community that welcomes like-minded coaches, athletes, parents, and other practitioners.

Athlete Centered Skating manifested from our range of experiences as athletes and coaches in figure skating, several of which triggered us to deeply think (and re-think many times over) about how training and learning really should function.  Ultimately, we realized that an effective learning environment must teach athletes to think for themselves; connect their minds and bodies within the training environment; and provide a community of resources for them to grow and mature. We also realized that though we are experts, we must also position ourselves as learners right alongside our students so we can all grow together.

Our mission is to establish an athlete centered ‘learning community’ that is hard working, positive, efficient, and lifts figure skating to new heights not seen before.  To do this, training must center on the individual needs of our skaters- their unique strengths, weaknesses, learning trajectories, and goals- and we must support them with positive communication, expert technique, and mutual respect.  This is how we can transform figure skating participation into an experience that nurtures confident, capable, and successful individuals in sport and all other journeys of life.